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Your Choices

Your Choices in Virginia

All Virginia educators should receive the information they need to make an informed choice about whether to join a union or a non-union professional education association. They should be empowered to make decisions best for them, their profession and their students.

But it’s hard to make a good decision if your school division only provides information about one organization – the Virginia Education Association, a teachers’ union heavily engaged in supporting political candidates and advocating for political causes unrelated to education, and more expensive than other alternatives.

Here are three organizations that support teachers, not politics:

Virginia Professional Educators

Virginia Professional Educators (VPE) is the largest independent professional teacher association based here in Virginia, and provides local staff to support teachers across the state.  VPE has been serving Virginia teachers for almost 20 years. 

VPE is open to all teachers, counselors, administrators, and education support staff.  Membership is only $15 a month and includes a full $2 million per member professional liability insurance policy. 

VPE also provides legal assistance, professional help with all employment issues, professional development opportunities, scholarships and grants, and full representation of its members with the Virginia General Assembly every year.  Learn more about Virginia Professional Educators at

Association of American Educators

Association of American Educators

AAE is a national professional association open to all teachers, education staff, and administrators. Membership is $16.50/month and open in all 50 states. Professional membership includes a $2,000,000 liability insurance policy, as well as protection against lawsuits, employment rights coverage, professional resources, newsletters, advocacy surveys, discounts, and more. Learn more about the Association of American Educators at

Christian Educators Association International

CEAI is a national professional association serving Christian educators since 1953. Professional membership ($22.41/month) includes a $2,000,000 liability insurance policy, as well as employment rights coverage, professional resources, and more.

CEAI specializes in empowering and defending Christian educators. Learn more about Christian Educators Association International at